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    React and React Native Engineer at Overloop () (allows remote)
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time

    Job Description:

    We're looking for an engineer with React Native and React experience to join Overloop. There may be some international travel. We are a close-knit, small team, committed to quality code, processes that work, honesty and seeing things through to completion. A typical working day will involve a 20 minute catch up call to kick off the day, reviewing screen mock-ups and/or bug reports, coding, discussing over Slack and Google Hangout, creating a github PR, getting the PR reviewed and seeing your code get to production to make a difference for our clients.

    When we meet up a typical day is pretty similar, but in great locations (previously Milan, Budapest, Barcelona) and with the addition of breakfast, lunch and dinner in cafes and restaurants and face time instead of slack and Hangouts.

    We mostly use react, node.js and python but are always open to new ideas.

    Must have:

    React and/or React Native

    Nice to have:

    Node.js, Python, MySQL, Computer Science degree


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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