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    Python Engineer at e-bot7 GmbH (München, Germany)
    e-bot7 GmbH Employer
    München, Germany
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    München, Germany

    Job Description:


    • Create features that add value for our customers

    • Design, implement and test  reliable APIs

    • Work with and integrate various cloud services

    • Harden interfaces against possible failures

    • Stay up to date with the Python/Cloud community

    • Learn about and experiment with new tech coming from inside and outside the Python / Cloud ecosystem


    • 2+ years or more experience building Software

    • Fluent in English

    • The desire to learn and apply new technologies

    • Solid knowledge about git

    • Willingness to work in an agile team with quickly evolving requirements

    • and frequent releases

    • Passion for elegant and well-structured code

    • Enjoy working and experimenting with new technologies


    Flexible Hours
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