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    Python Developer at Esri (New Delhi, India)
    Esri Employer
    New Delhi, India
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    Full Time
    New Delhi, India

    Job Description:


    Do you want to bring geospatial data science and machine learning into the hands of data scientists worldwide? Are you passionate about developing software products and APIs? If yes, join us, as we are doing the same!
    Esri is the world leader in geographic information systems (GIS) and developer of ArcGIS, the leading mapping and analytics software used in 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies. At the Esri R&D Center-New Delhi, we are applying cutting-edge deep learning techniques to revolutionize geospatial analysis and derive insight from imagery and location data.
    Join our team of exceptional data scientists and software developers to deliver a spatial data science platform, develop industry-leading AI models for satellite imagery, and build world-class Geo AI solutions.
    In this role, you will develop and integrate machine learning and deep learning models and capabilities with the ArcGIS platform, consisting of desktop, server, and cloud SaaS offerings as well as with the ArcGIS API for Python. You will author and integrate ready to use model architectures for training and inferencing by customers through the ArcGIS suite of products. 


    • Participate in the design, development, and successful adoption of the ArcGIS suite of products and APIs among analysts and data scientists 

    • Integrate ArcGIS with popular machine learning and deep learning libraries such as Scikit-learn, Tensorflow/Keras, and PyTorch/FastAI

    • Perform bug fixes, documentation, and maintenance tasks

    • Design, test, release, and support ArcGIS API for Python to enhance overall product quality and applicability for supporting data science and deep learning workflows and needs

    • Evangelize data science community to our software community through various venues such as user documentation, educational materials, social media, and online content

    • Author and maintain geospatial data science samples using ArcGIS and machine learning/deep learning libraries such as Tensorflow and PyTorch


    • 2+ years of experience with Python or other high-level languages such as Java, .NET, or C++

    • Coursework and extensive knowledge of machine learning and deep learning

    • Experience with Python machine learning and deep learning libraries such as Scikit-learn, Pandas, PyTorch/FastAI, or TensorFlow/Keras

    • Understanding of machine learning as well as deep learning techniques and algorithms such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Forests, CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs

    • Ability to design and implement deep learning models for object detection, semantic and instance segmentation, GANs

    • Understanding of REST APIs and web programming using Python

    • A strong drive and interest to learn new technologies quickly and work in a fast-paced software development environment

    • Bachelor's or master's in computer science or engineering from IITs or other top tier engineering colleges 


    • Familiarity with ArcGIS suite of products and concepts of GIS, including working with ArcGIS API for Python

    • Familiarity with docker, containerization, Kubernetes, and enterprise Java development

    • Experience with deploying software on AWS, Azure, or other cloud services

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