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    Python Data Engineer at SRS Investment Management (New York, NY)
    SRS Investment Management Employer
    New York, NY
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    Full Time
    New York, NY

    Job Description:

    What’s the Job?

    You’ll be joining our data science team as a Data Product Engineer. You’ll be responsible for testing, monitoring, and improving the data collection programs we have in production, as well as developing new software to capture data from the web and extract insights from third-party sources. You’ll be writing Python scripts deployed on AWS, and communicating with data scientists and infrastructure engineers.


    • 5+ Years professional experience with Python

    • Python data structures and best practices

    • AWS and Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS) , Bash scripting

    • Professional experience with a SQL-based database, such as MySQL

    • Writes organized code with appropriate exception handling and logging

    • Understanding of HTTP network requests and responses

    • Understanding of HTML and JSON formats

    • Ability to write technical documentation and comment code

    • Ability to write test suites and set up automation environments


    • Experience with scrapy, beautiful soup, requests, selenium

    • Amazon Redshift/ Hadoop

    • Prior experience as a front-end, back-end, or full-stack web developer

    • Javascript / NodeJS

    • Python Django/Flask


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