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    Procurement Data Analyst/Scientist at UNOPS (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    UNOPS Employer
    Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Job Description:

    The Procurement Analystwill report to the Innovation & Improvement Team Leader and will participate in the design, development, delivery, and management of procurement analytics.

    The functional responsibilities of this position include;

    • Prepare all tables/graphs in R programme for the Annual Statistical Report and assist in the report coordination and analysis.

    • Work in close collaboration with the oneUNOPS (UNOPS ERP solution) reporting team to provide easy to access reports, views, and dashboards to heighten the ability to take action on relevant procurement related focus areas.

    • Develop and maintain a robust analytics program including reporting procurement information across UNOPS and centralizing data collection, analysis, and online reporting through Microsoft PowerBI and Google Data Studio.

    • Analyze UNOPS procurement related information to identify patterns and trends. This includes: spend analysis, vendor data, sustainability indicators, contract compliance data and benchmarking.

    • Establish a methodology to collect relevant procurement statistics, ensuring robust, consistent and trustworthy data; this will include:

      • Preparing and implementing data capture methods/databases.

      • Review and improve procurement data quality and validation protocols.

      • Ensure data integration with source data to and from relevant systems

    • Generate regular, periodic and ad hoc reports on procurement etc. in support of the team, and for internal and external stakeholders.

    Application deadline: December 28 2018


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