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    Platform Engineer (Go, Kubernetes) at BCG Digital Ventures, London (London, UK)
    BCG Digital Ventures, London Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    We're looking for a motivated and enthusiastic Platform Engineer to join a start-up launched by BCG Digital Ventures and Shell, which offers a geographical recommendations app powered by machine learning to their customers.

    The product helps private drivers find customers faster based on their recent location, saving them time and money. The app uses live data to achieve this.

    We're looking for a Platform Engineer to continue the development and migration of the platform into Google Kubernetes Engine. To do this, you'll need a great grip on Go, microservices, distributed architectures and some devops skills.

    We're looking for: 

    • Experience with Go

    • Experience with microservices and an appreciation for architecture best practices

    • Enthusiasm for implementing and maintaining CI

    • Ideally, experience with Kubernetes

    • Relational and non-relational database management skills

    • Ideally, experience with GCP or AWS; gRPC communication protocol; message queues

    • We're a friendly, collaborative team, working together to build a great product for customers, so someone who'll work well in this team is ideal!


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