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    Platform Engineer at Articulate Inc. () (allows remote)
    Articulate Inc. Employer
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    Full Time

    Job Description:

    We're makers. We build performant systems and delightful tools that empower Articulate engineering teams to move quickly, safely, and reliably.

    We're looking for someone to join our globally distributed Platform Engineering team (currently spanning five time zones) who thrives in an environment of freedom and can work largely self-directed from the comfort of their home.

    Some of the things you can expect to do in this role:

    • Work with teammates to develop high-quality software, balancing security, reliability, and operational concerns, to deliver systems that delight our customers.

    • Migrate our systems to best-in-class identity solutions that support our growing business.

    • Participate in a follow-the-sun emergency pager rotation with a team of engineers distributed around the world.

    • Share what you've learned and built at Articulate through open source projects and blog posts.

    The ideal person for this job gets bored with repetitive tasks, loves to simplify complexity in software and processes, focuses on quality results instead of effort, sees problems as opportunities to learn as a team, enjoys building things that make the lives of their co-workers better, and makes stellar decisions.

    You may be our person if you also are a kind human being with a high EQ and a deep sense of responsibility for your work. If you thrive in an environment with tons of autonomy, love highly productive collaboration, welcome helpful feedback, and are a proactive self-starter, we’d love to hear from you.


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