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    PHP Web Developers - Junior / Mid-level / Senior at D3R (London, UK)
    D3R Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    Our team is growing and we are looking for talented PHP developers to join us in creating work we can all be proud of.  Right now, we're looking for new members to join our London team to help create beautiful websites and powerful e-commerce solutions for both new and existing clients in hospitality, luxury goods, drinks, travel and beyond.

    Skills & Requirements

    We don't expect you to know everything already, but here are some of the skills we hope you have or are nearly there with:

    • You have a track record of getting things done and can show us some work you're proud of.

    • You feel at home in modern object-oriented PHP using PHP 5.6 or 7 and how to apply those principles to solve complex problems.

    • You're familiar with MySQL (or another SQL flavour) and how to write complex queries and design a sensible database schema.

    • You're enthusiastic about new web technologies and love learning about how and when to use them (and when not to).

    • You have a solid understanding of Composer and how to manage your PHP dependencies.

    • You have experience with at least one of the big PHP frameworks.

    • You can complement your back end skills with a good knowledge of HTMLCSS and JavaScript. We are always looking for good developers, wherever they fall on the front/back end scale.

    • Working with git (and GitHub) is second nature to you by now.

    • Talking to clients is something you are comfortable with. We don't have a project management layer so good communication skills are essential.

    There are some other areas that would be real bonus and help push someone up that "Dependent upon experience" scale:

    • Unit testing is second nature to you and, ideally, you also have some experience with automated testing and continuous integration.

    • Your front end skills are strong. You know your way around jQuery and use CSS preprocessors (we like SASS) and front-end build tools (we like Gulp.js) in your workflow.

    • Alternatively, you can bring some sysadmin skills to the table. We use Debian and Puppet and are always on the lookout for careful experienced heads to help us manage our infrastructure.

    • You're familiar with what affects web performance and how to measure it.

    • You've got strong JavaScript skills. If you've done some more serious JavaScript development with tools like React, that would be even better.

    • You have used Zend Framework 1 in the past and understand its strengths and shortfalls.

    • You're up to date with and enthusiastic about PHP standards, familiar with the PHP-FIG and corresponding PSRs.

    • You have experience with the wider stack. For us that means NGINX, Redis, MariaDB, AMQP.

    • Experience with ElasticSearch. We're using this more and more.

    • You've worked on ecommerce and can show us some examples of where you've worked on the scary end of actually taking people's money.

    • Integrating with APIs is an area where you have a lot of experience and have learnt a few of the lessons. This could be for payment gateways, booking engines, ERP solutions etc. Even better, you've built APIs and learnt some of the lessons.

    • You've been exposed to Cloud technologies - in particular Amazon Web Services.


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