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    Penetration tester at Pega (Kraków, Poland)
    Pega Employer
    Kraków, Poland
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Kraków, Poland

    Job Description:

    In this role, you will:

    • Try to hack our system and then teach us how to not be hacked again! 

    • Report on vulnerabilities in a reproducible way

    • Providing proof of concept attacks when possible

    • Develop, curate, automate, and operate tools  to perform security testing

    • Work with Application Security Engineering staff and Cloud Security Engineering staff

      • get leads and ideas of areas needing attack

      • assist in devising defenses and mitigations

    • Work with Software Development staff

      • Feed software developers info to feed diagnosis and remediation

      • Evaluate and verify fixes and mitigations for security issues

    Who are we looking for:

    • Understanding of web and mobile application technologies

    • Ability to choose, curate, and make effective use of security testing tools

    • Ability to test web applications including security attacks

    • Ability to communicate technical issues clearly in English

    • Ability to identify patterns of recurring vulnerabilities


    Flexible Hours
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