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    Passionate front-end engineer at Minna Technologies (Göteborg, Sweden)
    Minna Technologies Employer
    Göteborg, Sweden
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Göteborg, Sweden

    Job Description:

    We are looking for an experienced front-end engineer to join our family at Minna Technologies.

    At Minna we build the best subscription management platform, used by the greatest, most innovative banks in the world. The dream is to give the modern consumer power over their subscriptions, and through action improve their financial situation.

    Tens of millions have access to our service, and we’re expanding globally with force! If you want to join a once-in-a-lifetime true tech startup journey, there is no better time than the present!

    We have a wide variety of teams, where your skills as a front-end engineer will help us conquer the world!

    At Minna, you will:

    • Join Europe’s hottest fintech startup on its journey to become a unicorn

    • Work in a fully autonomous and cross-functional team with some of the best talents in the world

    • Build awesome user-friendly applications in a modern code base, for end users worldwide

    • Become a member of the Minna engineering community, full of amazing engineers from all of our teams

    What do you need to succeed at Minna?

    • Attention to detail and appreciation of visual aesthetic

    • You believe TypeScript improves on JavaScript for large, secure and reliable applications

    • Experience with, or desire to work with technologies like React.js, Vue, Angular, and Redux

    • You like exploring CSS and its many tricks

    • You have built user-friendly front-end applications and are passionate about doing it well

    Who will you become?

    We’ll help you grow into the job of your dreams, whether it be as a world-class expert in a technical area, a driven team driver, a passionate product owner, or even a community manager. You’ll have all the support needed to become the professional your ambition is calling for.

    Where will you be working?

    You’ll join us in our amazing offices in central Gothenburg, smack dab on Kungstorget, where we strive to make the office a second home. When you walk through the doors, it’s like walking into your best friend’s living room, music is blasting, you feel welcome and comfortable, and ready to do your life’s greatest work. Welcome home!


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