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    Operations Internship in Bangalore at Get Simpl Technologies Private Limited
    Shamvil R. Employer

    Project Description:

    Selected Freelancers will work on -

    1. Manage a large amount of customer interactions over calls on a daily basis & in a timely fashion

    2. Gain product understanding - so that you can assist customers thoroughly to resolve their issues, whether via call or email.

    3. Identify customers' needs, clarify information, research every issue and provide solutions and/or alternatives

    4. Understand customer pain points and highlight their feature requests to improve the product.

    5.Build sustainable relationships and engage customers by taking the extra mile

    6. Keep records of all conversations in our database (tool) in a comprehensible way

    7. Providing solutions to different problems faced by customers by using different internal tools, coordinating with Engineering, Business Development, Product, and Finance teams.

    8. It comes with additional variable pay of Rs 2000 per month

    Project Category: