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    NLP Engineer at (Berlin, Germany) Employer
    Berlin, Germany
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    Full Time
    Berlin, Germany

    Job Description:

    What you will be doing?

    - You'll be working closely with our people science team (our data scientists and psychologists) to help find the best and quickest way to build features and infrastructure for our NLP and data core of the technology.

    - Provide engineering support to the people science team to help in analyzing datasets, text-mining, implement pattern matching, part of speech analysis and NLP models.

    - You will take responsibility for our code and constantly improve it.

    - You push your creativity to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of everyone around you, whether it's other developers, data-scientists or business people.

    Who we are looking for?

    If you don't check all the marks but feel connected to the problem we're solving or our product, please still apply as we'd love to hear from you.

    - You are a problem solver: you quickly identify issues, find solutions and execute them.

    - You are looking to learn from others and through challenges to grow as an engineer and as a person.

    - You pro-actively communicate to make sure no one is left in the dark.

    - You are able to quickly pick-up complex domains and have strong algorithmic skills.

    - Past experience is not required, but a nice plus.

    Why join us?

    - You will build a company with us where our user community is first and is embedded in a strong team culture - you'll grow your knowledge on the topic of teams and culture.

    - You will join a small but growing and diverse team. When you arrive, your work will be shipped and delighting our customers within the first days.

    - You care about learning, so do we. Our team lives and breathes adaptability and experimentation. We try every single day to build a safe and inclusive place to take risks and support each other to achieve our goals as a team.

    We are committed to fairness and equal opportunity. Our recruitment process is the same for everyone and designed to be compatible with your current occupations. You won't be asked to complete 8h homework, or work for us for 3 days to see if you'd be a "good fit".


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