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    .Net Developer at Access Group (Loughborough, UK)
    Access Group Employer
    Loughborough, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Loughborough, UK

    Job Description:

    Main Responsibilities

    • Actively contributes to requirements discussions and requirements analysis, and takes responsibility for understanding scope, risk and complexity of changes

    • Communicates and Collaborates with stakeholders on deliverables and approach

    • Good understanding of industry software development standards

    • Continuous development of processes and improvements

    • Ability to deployments to environments, and contribute to management and automation of deployments

    • Contribute to Environment management

    • Good understanding of Merge/Branch best practice, and ability to troubleshoot issues

    • Able to identify, compartmentalise and execute refactoring where commercially/technically necessary

    • Able to analyse, identify and fix root cause of defects throughout the various layers of an application

    • Understand, identify and adhere to our preferred design patterns, coding standards and definition of done

    • Take responsibility for assessing the risk of development tasks, taking into account technical and commercial factors, make risk-based recommendations and decisions

    • Champion a quality focussed approach including: good planning; branch, environment and code base management; promoting/participating in early discovery of defects; code reviews; unit testing where appropriate; and collaboration with the QA team.

    • Help ensure agreed agile delivery process and approach is followed, including estimation/planning, Scrum activities, release and project management.

    • Ability/willingness to test your own work and that of others to ensure quality.

    • Design and develop software solutions to agreed and elaborated requirements using a range of languages and technologies including C# .NET and SQL Server

    • Use REST techniques to build accessible, scalable and evolvable APIs that are robust and stand the test of time

    • Creation technical documentation where required

    • Report to Development Lead and Head of Development on progress and areas of risk, including metrics where requested

    • Work in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures

    Skills and abilities


    • Strong experience of working in a fast-paced, Agile environment

    • Consistently produce clean, maintainable, efficient code

    • Good debugging skills: methodical, logical, making no assumptions

    • Able to break problems into multiple areas of focus, writing clean, self-documenting code

    • Experience programming applications using SQL Server

    • Experience programming applications using .NET framework (C#)

    • Excellent communication skills

    • Good understanding of Risk and how to manage it

    • Experience building desktop applications with Win Forms

    • Good decision-making skills

    • Great team player

    • Approachable, pragmatic, positive, enthusiastic, open, collaborative, self-motivated, assertive and commercially aware

    • Good time management

    • Willingness to occasionally travel to other offices on occasion to liaise with other teams

    • Willingness to occasionally work out of hours to deliver software releases

    • Undertake any other ad-hoc duties


    • Experience of building Accountancy software

    • Experience of Magic development platform

    • Experience of Firefly migration of Magic to .NET

    • Good understanding of Development Toolchain (for example, SVN, JIRA, TFS, Octopus Deploy etc)

    • Experience of continuous integration

    • Experience of developing business focussed software solutions

    • Experience of using JIRA

    • Non-functional testing (performance/load/volume preferably)

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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