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    Mobile Developer - iOS at SG Digital (Bristol, UK)
    SG Digital Employer
    Bristol, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Bristol, UK

    Job Description:

    Job Purpose

    The SGD Product Development teams are more aggressively adopting newer technologies, architectural principles and approaches to development, deployment and monitoring. Software Engineers will be critical to ensure to ensure the highest coding standards and quality of deliverables to the QA and Delivery teams and for adoption by operators. A Software Engineer will be expected to both lead and mentor less experienced developers, actively contributing to their day-to-day activities and training needs.

    There will be a mixture of small, but strategically significant projects, and also large scale complex programmes of work, all delivered in an Agile format with direction from Product Management, but with delivery via a tightly contained team focused on quality deliverables.

    A “can do” attitude and out-of-the-box thinking will be prerequisites!

    Key Accountabilities

    • Development of new features and functionality for SGD native mobile applications, including the production of unit tests as and where required

    • Active participant in reviews for products and services delivered across the wider SGD Product Development Organisations

    • Ensuring code quality is maintained  for products and services delivered by the team the Software Engineer is working with

    • Ensuring that products and services adhere to agreed performance KPIs and are delivered in line with SGD CI / CD requirements

    • Ensuring that all products and services have agreed levels of test coverage, in line with SGD requirements and adhering to agreed architectural and technology (including security) standards

    • Review of detailed release documentation for handover to Delivery teams

    • Maintenance of relevant technical sections of the internal Knowledge Base

    • Mentorship of less experienced Software Engineers

    Key Responsibilities

    • Active understanding of solutions architecture and design, including KPI definition

    • Ability to input into high level estimates of software deliverables for planning purposes

    • Supporting the Development Lead, other Software Engineers and Delivery team leads to ensure continuous quality improvement in the development teams

    • Be an integral part of the design and architecture of SGD’s mobile applications

    • Proactively identify and address areas of material improvement, notably around performance, security and usability

    • Where applicable, ensuring that development team processes are aligned with technical processes prevalent in the wider company

    • Ensure that all team members have a clear understanding of the overall system architecture and design components, in the context of meeting product requirements and also Apple’s specific guidelines and requirements

    • Monitor and adapt to changes in the iOS Operating systems, native SDKs and build frameworks introduced by Apple

    • Knowledge of Agile development processes and scrum roles and responsibilities

    • On occasion, lead an Agile workstream


    Knowledge & Experience

    • A Bachelor's degree from a well regarded university in a computer science or traditional science subject such as physics or mathematics, engineering, or information systems

    • At least 4+ years of experience developing commercial iOS Mobile applications

    • At least two published iOS apps in the Apple App Store

    • Ability to document technical solutions in a variety of formats and to constructively share knowledge with less experienced team members

    • Ability to learn and critique new technologies quickly

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including presentations to peer groups

    • Excellent teamwork skills, capable of supervising a small sub team or deputising in a management role

    • Demonstrably being able to deal with change on a daily basis; must be comfortable both with external factors driving this change as well as internal

    • Experience in contributing to and influencing technical strategic planning or responsibility for a technical strategy

    Technical skills of relevance:

    • Mandatory

      • Hands-on experience in designing and developing mobile applications for iOS using Swift and Objective-C

      • Experience working with at least one other web wrapping native framework such as Ionic with HTML 5 and AngularJS, Cordova, React Native

      • Experience in developing data heavy, RESTful service driven applications using JSON data models

      • Experience with the process of creating iTunes store accounts and iOS app publication process

      • Demonstrable experience with TDD and / or BDD

      • General understanding of the use of Jenkins and Git (BitBucket)

      • Demonstrably strong understanding of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines

    • Preferred

      • Experience in mobile web technologies (JavaScript, HTML5, AJAX, CSS)

      • Understanding of general UX principles for web applications, including responsive and adaptive design principles

      • Some knowledge of the Android ecosystem and apps

      • Use of a CI/CD framework for iOS applications development

      • General scripting skills: Bash, Python, Ruby, Javascript etc.

    Domain knowledge is not required, but having worked on hands-on in fully native mobile app development is.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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