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    Mobile App Developer (Android) at Innovattic (Delft, Netherlands)
    Innovattic Employer
    Delft, Netherlands
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Delft, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    At Innovattic we feel that the time has come that people should start caring about each other and our planet. Do you prefer to work at a company that is trying to improve the world instead of an oil company or a bank? We challenge you to do something useful with your talents. We chose healthcare to make a difference. Join us.

    Help us solve the world’s most challenging healthcare issues and build patient experiences that matter.

    We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented developer to strengthen our energetic, multicultural team. Innovattic focuses on e-health mobile solutions. Imagine working together with doctors and medical specialists, who are all passionate about and dedicated to the greater good, and create awesome, life changing healthcare solutions. We offer you a workplace that will truly make you feel proud of your accomplishments! We love to work together with people who share this attitude.

    You will become a part of a happy, creative bunch with a joint vision: we want to inspire, engage and go the extra mile to create tools that people will love to use. Our playing field offers a great diversity in projects and technologies. Are you the ambitious developer that will join us in our journey to become the next generation e-health industry leader?

    Experience & knowledge

    You are an out of the box thinking programmer that wants to help us amaze the (medical) world with your mind-blowing ideas. Challenges inspire you and awaken the best of your abilities. You would love to master our continuous re-thinking process and help set out the course we are steering with Innovattic

    You are:

    • Independent;

    • Flexible;

    • A very good programmer;

    • A team player;

    • Fluent in English.

    You enjoy:

    • Working under pressure during hackathons (we already won quite a few big ones like Hacking Health in 2016 and 2017);

    • Programming of course;

    • Working in a team.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
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