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    Mid-Level Developer (Ruby) at Transfix (New York, NY)
    Transfix Employer
    New York, NY
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    New York, NY

    Job Description:

    What you'll do:

      • Build the core freight-management software platform that allows us to serve a variety of players in the freight transportation sector—manufacturers, national retail chains, trucking companies, dispatchers, and more.

      • Expand our existing products and APIs to serve new customer types and modes of transportation across the freight industry.

      • Contribute to our front-end web application, back-end services and APIs, or both.

      • Integrate our software with a variety of freight management APIs, automated shipping brokerages, and external data providers.

      • Identify and resolve web performance bottlenecks in front-end and back-end code.

      • Expand your experience working with industry best-practices that include Continuous Deployment, automated testing (unit- and end-to-end), production monitoring, and alerting systems.

      • Participate in blameless post-mortems and retrospectives that enable us to learn from both failures and successes in order to improve team process and software design.

      • Our tech stack is comprised of Ruby on Rails, Python, React/Redux, PostgreSQL, Redis, Dynamo, RedShift. We are hosted on AWS and leverage a variety of their services. Code is tested using CircleCI and a variety of unit- and end-to-end testing frameworks including RSpec, unittest, Jest, and Cypress. We monitor our production software with tools like New Relic, Sentry, Airbrake and CloudWatch.

    About you:

      • You have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar field, or have equivalent training or work experience.

      • You are proficient with at least one of these languages: Ruby, Python, Go, C++,  Java, or JavaScript.

      • You have 2+ years of career experience building software products (including internships).

      • You take pride in your work and the quality of products you build.

      • You value collaboration and enjoy teaching and learning from peers.

      • You speak up when you see something wrong and back your opinions with data.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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