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    Marketing Associate at Myra
    Mohd S. Employer
    Start Date
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    July 10th 2017
    1 Month
    July 7th 2017
    Regular (In-office/On-field)

    Internship Description:

    Present in Bangalore and Mumbai, we are seeking to hire interns who can help spread word about the brand and help in new customer acquisitions.
    Students would be expected to reach out to a segment of market in Bangalore and Mumbai and help us spread ourselves there.

    Perks & Benefits :
    1. A certificate of internship
    2. A letter of recommendation for the top performers.
    3. Rewards including vouchers, movie tickets etc.
    4. Honour badges and rewards - We love to recognize when you work hard.
    5. A straight promotion to Manager for next Season.
    6. Task based performers & Rewards. 
    7. Pre Placement offers & In-office summer placements to Top Candidate

    Questions for screening candidates
    Q1. Why should you be hired for this internship?
    Q2. Are you available for 1 month, starting immediately, for a work from home internship? If not, what is the time period you are available for and the earliest date you can start this internship on?

    About Myra
    Staying healthy. Saving time. Spending less.
    What do we give customers? Put simply, we deliver medicines, babycare, dental and hygiene products under an hour with 20% discount.
    We have a simple two step ordering process to place an order:Get your medicines in under an hour with a flat 20% discount Use the app/Website to take a photo of your prescription or medicine.
    Read more about us & our funding story on yourstory here -

    Skills required:

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