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    Linux Developer - Level 3 Support at SUSE (Nuremberg, Germany)
    SUSE Employer
    Nuremberg, Germany
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Nuremberg, Germany

    Job Description:

    SUSE L3 is a globally distributed team of highly skilled Linux developers who evaluate, analyze, and fix software defects reported by SUSE customers. The L3 Team is responsible for defect-resolution in a wide range of SUSE products, technologies and areas, from core kernel bugs to crashing webservers, from simple RAID arrays to distributed Ceph storage clusters. 

    If you consider yourself a fast-learner, if you like varied tasks and enjoy solving tricky (but always Linux/open-source-related) technical problems, either on your own or in close cooperation with other excellent Linux engineers, then L3 is the job you should be looking for.

    Key responsibilities:

    • Evaluation of customer-reported issues 

    • Coordination of and active involvement in the bug-fixing process 

    • Technical analysis of issues and bugs in SUSE Enterprise products 

    • Fixing code defects and publishing patches 


    • Very good knowledge of the Linux operating system 

    • Good knowledge of the C programming language 

    • Good knowledge of Linux debugging tools and techniques (GDB, strace, crash, ...) 

    • Strong proficiency in English, both spoken and written 

    • Strong communication, analytical and organizational skills 

    • Ability and willingness to quickly learn new technologies and work independently with minimal supervision 

    • Commitment to opensource 

    Desired skills and experience:

    • Experience with active participation in open source projects 

    • Knowledge of one or more scripting languages (Perl, Python, Bash, ...) 

    • Knowledge of other programming languages (C++, assembler, ...) 

    • Programmer's knowledge of the Linux Kernel 

    • Experience with network dump analysis 

    • Knowledge of RPM 

    What we offer:

    • Direct contact with representatives of free/opensource software projects worldwide 

    • Opportunity to participate in the development of the Linux operating system 

    • A unique opportunity to become an expert in an area of your choice 

    • Regular hackathons (Hack Weeks) and workshops at company, department, and team level 

    • Access to new hardware architectures before they even reach the market 

    • Weekly-based flexible working time 

    • A fun, creative, friendly and informal working environment where how you think is far more important than what you wear 

    Skills required:


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