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    Kotlin / Java Developer at Edgelab (Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Edgelab Employer
    Lausanne, Switzerland
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Lausanne, Switzerland

    Job Description:

    At Edgelab we assess investment risk with high accuracy. Behind our innovative product, there is a mix of talents from software development, system engineering and quant backgrounds. We strive to ensure that the best solutions are found and working smoothly on production.

    Our team faces a broad range of challenges. We need to operate huge volumes of data, perform massive computations and handle millions of requests per day from our clients all over the world.

    We are at the growth stage taking on ever bigger challenges that will eventually answer complex needs. To help us to find solutions to these challenges, we’re hiring skilled developers who enjoy working on interesting problems in a fast-paced environment.

    It’s a full time position, based in Lausanne.

    What You'll Do

    • Create new features and solutions from conception to deployment

    • Ensure your code functions as designed by creating automated tests, which execute in our continuous delivery pipeline

    • Instrument your code so we can measure how it’s performing in production

    • Work on the different services we provide internally to other teams and externally to clients

    • Help others around you grow as developers and be successful

    • Work with Java, Spring, Kotlin, Reactor, Cassandra, Redis, Docker, ELK, Grafana, AWS etc.

    What You Need

    • 3+ years of experience as Software Developer

    • Proficiency with Kotlin or Java

    • Passion about writing clean, well-tested code

    • Experience with microservices, distributed and event-driven systems

    • Strong interest and curiosity for technologies

    • Enjoying operating in a fast paced team setting

    • Experience with FE stack would be an advantage

    Why Us

    • You will work in a small autonomous team with a high degree of freedom and take ownership of the outcomes. No micromanagement. No corporate politics and inertia.

    • You can always bring new ideas and take an active role in the decision making. Your skills will be actively leveraged and ultimately, you’ll see your work impact the clients.

    • We always look out for new ideas and we encourage exploratory work. You will have the resources you need to develop your skills and work on moonshots.

    • We get serious work done in an informal environment. You can set your schedule in order to enjoy a work-life balance which suits you.

    • We foster togetherness and collaboration, whether that means working on a cross-functional project, or gathering over an apéro after work.

    Our Recruitment Process
    It consists of a few stages, each one allowing us to get to know you better. You also gain a better understanding of our culture and the work we do at Edgelab. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks based on your availability and convenience.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
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