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    Junior Scala Developer to Work on our Satellite Real-Time Data Displays at Heavens-Above GmbH (Weßling, Germany)
    Heavens-Above GmbH Employer
    Weßling, Germany
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    Job Location
    Full Time
    Weßling, Germany

    Job Description:

    You will work on improvements to our flagship real-time data system which is used to monitor the health of satellites operated by the German Space Operations Center (DLR). This consists of a back-end responsible for the archiving and distribution of the telemetry data and a front-end desktop client. All the software is written in Scala, so a knowledge of this language and the Java virtual machine would be an advantage, but not essential - we believe that a good programmer can learn a new language quickly.

    As a secondary task, you will also work as part of our team helping DLR implement a new mission planning system based on web technologies like Typescript, Angular and Scala for the back-end, and any experience of these technologies would be looked upon favourably. This task will require close cooperation with our DLR customers, and the ability to speak and understand German would be of benefit here, but again not essential. We provide financial assistance for German language courses.

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