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    Junior Implementation Engineer at Snowplow Analytics Ltd () (allows remote)
    Snowplow Analytics Employer
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    Job Description:

    Junior Data Analyst

    Ideally located in Eastern Canada or USA (e.g. New York, Boston, Toronto or Montreal)

    At Snowplow we are on a mission to empower people to use data to differentiate: by providing technology that gives them control of their data, and services that enable them to do amazing things with that control. As part of that effort, we're changing the way that people do digital analytics: moving companies away from having one-size-fits-all vendors like Google Analytics and Adobe dictate what should be done with their data, and enabling them to collect and own their data themselves, so they can decide:

    • What data they want to collect.

    • What questions they want to ask of that data.

    • How they want to answer those question. (What analyses techniques to employ, what tools to use to execute those analyses.)

    • How they want to action the insight developed.

    We're looking for curiously brilliant individuals to join our Sales & Implementation Engineering team.

    What the role entails:

    The Sales & Implementation Engineering team at Snowplow helps companies take control of their data, enabling them to solve problems that previously were intractable and identify opportunities that previously were not visible.

    As a member of the Sales & Implementation Engineering team, you will:

    • help our clients understand what data needs to be captured, advise them on how to best structure it, and help them implement the tracking;

    • work with our clients to take their Snowplow data and use it to build insights and design and build data driven products;

    • train our clients in our methodology and approach, including how to best use the different tools in the Snowplow arsenal;

    • write blog posts and guides to help the broader Snowplow and Digital Analytics communities;

    You'll learn how to:

    • set up and run event data pipelines;

    • best structure data so it can easily be used for analysis and real-time decisioning;

    • architect data models (both relational and non-relational) and implement them in SQL and Spark;

    • access the data in databases (Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, neo4J, ...) and real-time (Elasticsearch, Kinesis, Lambda, ...);

    • use modern data analysis tools (Python, Spark, ...)

    • set up and use BI tools (Redash, Metabase, Superset, Looker, Tableau, ...);

    • use data to solve actual business problems;

    • and much more...

    You'll get an on-the-job training in digital analytics and an opportunity to work with some of the most data-sophisticated companies in the world. Snowplow is at the cutting edge of how digital analytics and this role is opportunity help us shape how the industry is changing

    What we are looking for in a candidate:

    • You love working with data and are excited to learn new tools and technologies.

    • You're self-motivated and prefer to learn by doing, failing, and trying again (often with minimal direction).

    • You're a clear thinker who is comfortable explaining her or his thinking, discussing and challenging different approaches, and working collaboratively and creatively to identify new approaches.

    • You're a good communicator. You need to be able to work directly with data analysts, data scientists, engineers, product managers, marketers, and management–both at the client and internally at Snowplow. Being able to communicate with clarity and precision, and being responsive to feedback, is as important as your technical ability.

    • You have a strong analytical background (BSc or MSc in Maths, Engineering, Economics, Philosophy, ...).

    • You have strong technical skills. You need to be proficient at performing data analysis in spreadsheets or any kind of programmatic analysis tool. Prior experience with SQL or any programming language is valuable but not necessary.

    • You're interested in how businesses operate. You'll be working with data to solve actual business problems our clients have.

    • You have a mature attitude to security, documentation and process. Our clients trust us with their data. This is a huge responsibility and informs everything we do.

    • You are able and willing to travel for work (up to 25% of the time).

    What you’ll get in return:

    • A competitive package based on experience, including share options

    • 23 days of holiday a year (plus bank holidays)

    • Freedom to work wherever suits you best (long-term residency will need to be discussed with the team)

    • Two fantastic company Away-Weeks in a different European city each year (next one is Madrid in November 2018)

    • Work alongside a supportive and talented team with the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology and challenging problems

    • Grow and develop in a fast-moving, collaborative organisation

    • Improve your coding skills with our Software Development Guild

    If you come and visit us in London:

    • Convenient location in central London (Shoreditch)

    • Continuous supply of Pact coffee

    • Enjoy fun events in and around London organised by our Cultural Work Committee


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