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    Junior Fullstack Engineer at fast-growing Multi-Cloud Startup at Meshcloud GmbH (Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland)
    Meshcloud GmbH Employer
    Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

    Job Description:

    At meshcloud, we help companies to efficiently manage their multi-clouds: For thousands of their projects, over 300 dev teams of our customers are currently managing private and public cloud infrastructure via meshcloud. Employees can quickly create and access securely configured cloud accounts with providers such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. Our meshcloud platform provides a centralized and integrated system for managing all cloud projects – a self-service interface to manage cloud access and permissions and maintain control over cloud costs. This enables our customers' more than 1,000 users to focus on their core business: developing digital applications in industries such as automotive, finance and energy.

    What we need you for:

    You will be directly involved in the further development of the meshcloud platform. Developers like you should like to use it: Your view as a developer is important to us! You will advance our platform with new features, integrate further cloud platforms, improve user experience and deployment practices. 

    What is important for us:

    What counts for us are your skills and your personality!

    Ideally, you will bring the following with you:

    • Experience in Kotlin or Java and their standard libraries

    • Experience in the development of web applications or APIs (HTTP)

    • Experience with relational (SQL) or document databases (RavenDB, MongoDB)

    • Experience in the use of Git or Mercurial for version control

    Welcome additional skills and experience:

    We believe that every technical skill is valuable! No matter how extraordinary the technology you may be particularly well versed with, you have certainly learned something special that will help make us and our platform better!

    Here are a few concrete examples of what we consider to be particularly useful:

    • Experience in other programming languages, frameworks and technologies

    • Experience in working with Kubernetes, OpenShift, OpenStack or Cloud Foundry

    • Experience with "cloud native" tools like Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, Helm, Terraform or Ansible

    • Experience with public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)

    • Contributions to open source projects and/or programming communities such as Stackoverflow

    What we offer you:

    • Working in a dedicated and talented team

    • Paid relocation to Frankfurt am Main

    • Possibilities for the extension of technical abilities

    • Plenty of room for creativity and personal development

    • lots of free snacks in the office (water, coffee, fruit, sweets, ...)

    • Bright and friendly office with ergonomic workplaces

    • Work when you're most creative

    • A central office in the Ostend area and close to the Main river

    • Involvement in the development of visions and goals of meshcloud


    Flexible Hours
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