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    Junior DevOps Engineer at Scrapinghub () (allows remote)
    Scrapinghub Employer
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    Job Description:


    As Scrapinghub continues to grow, we are looking for a junior Devops Engineer to join our fully remote team. You will work with our dynamic infrastructure team, mostly providing installation, maintenance and support services for Shubbers (Scrapinghub employees) but also using your development skills to further improve and develop our integrations and internal systems with the Internal systems sub-team.

    If you have previous experience in a systems administrator position along with some development experience, please apply today!

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Provide assistance to internal groups in Scrapinghub to troubleshoot and solve issues.

    • Provide world class support for our Shubbers by delighting them in every interaction.

    • Strong customer focus with a mindset for preventing future recurrence of issues.

    • Own set up/close accounts management and IT tools onboarding of new members.

    • Demonstrate leadership and ability to work independently to resolve technical issues.

    • Effectively collaborate within the team and with other teams to constantly improve the processes and tools for greater efficiency and better user end experience.

    • Document procedures, corrective actions and update knowledge base systems.

    • Keeps peers and management informed of trends, significant problems and unexpected delays.

    • Track and respond to issues logged on Jira in an efficient manner.

    • Timely updating of Shubbers on IT queries.

    • Provide efficient tracking of IT Inventory.

    • Provide desktop support to Mac and Windows users.

    • Liaise with IT Vendor to order and deliver hardware to new Shubbers.

    • Help to maintain and evolve simple production integrations hosted on Cloud services (AWS and Google Cloud Platform).


    • 2+ years of systems administration & desktop support or equivalent experience.

    • Proven track record in technical self learning, you will be supporting Google Suite, Slack, Jira and Confluence.

    • Excellent verbal and written English skills and ability to articulate a complex system or problem based on the type of audience.

    • Strong team player with good analytical and technical writing skills.

    • Strong relationship building skills with a sense of collaboration.

    • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple priorities and commitments.

    • Able to operate effectively in a team environment with nontechnical team members.

    • Able to operate with minimal supervision.

    • Able to manage time effectively, set priorities appropriately.

    • Excellent technical knowledge of Mac and Windows for Desktop.

    • Development skills: Python, Javascript.

    • Real world experience with containers, specially Docker.

    • Google Cloud Platform serverless computing experience (Cloud Functions, Cloud Run and/or App Engine).

    • Some knowledge around any web scraping tools would be greatly considered, Scrapy has extra points.

    • Experience working with RESTful APIs (Django/Flask frameworks preferred).

    Skills required:


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