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    Junior DevOps Engineer at GVC Group (London, UK)
    bwin - part of GVC group Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    Do you like having passionate discussions about container PaaS, SCA tools, technology architectures, alerting and monitoring services?

    Are you looking for somewhere less corporate, and more fun to work and build your career? If so, you might just have hit the jackpot.

    Tech Stack: Terraform, Ansible, K8s, ECS, ELK, AWS, GCP, Jenkins, on-prem Infra

    Most days you’ll be in East London (we have a cool Tech office with a running track, table tennis, drinks fridge etc… sort of thing you’d expect from the world’s number one sports betting and gaming business). Check it out here.

    You’ll play a big part in helping to keep our apps working, performing and evolving, and to entertain and keep our customers safe. We’re advocates for our developers, testers, platform engineers and we focus solely on driving collaboration, reliability, security and quality best practices.

    Our vision in Platform Engineering is to become a beacon of best practices and to always act in an “open-door” attitude. Questions are to be asked, ways of working are to be improved, technologies are to be tested and adopted, but most of all, processes and people are to be mentored and brought along in the journey of “automate as much as possible” across the whole landscape.

    As the days go on, you’ll be required to know your Technology Architectures, understand industry standard products and technologies that cover: IaaC, SCA, Monitoring, Orchestration, VCS, APM, Logging and other areas.

    You’ll be expected to have an opinion on Native services vs Agnostic tools, and above all else, be a mediating voice between technical opinions and delivery needs, balancing speed of delivery without compromising on reliability, security and availability.

    Don’t worry if you don’t quite tick every box just yet; we are embarking on a DevOps transformation journey across GVC and have a DevOps apprenticeship scheme coming in 2020!

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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