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    Junior Back-End Software Engineer at EVBox (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    EVBox Employer
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    Who we are:

    We believe in a future where daily transportation is emission-free and sustained by smart charging infrastructure. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility by bringing the most accessible and scalable charging solutions to the world. However, the transition from gas to electric cars will change a great deal of what we know about transportation. We’re going to need EV charging infrastructure that is accessible, reliable, and future-proof. Team Software at EVBox is focused on developing next generation firmware and a global charging management platform to improve the experience of EV stakeholders everywhere. 

    As our Junior Back End Software Engineer, you will build and improve the cloud services and apps that support our charging stations. Your software will handle load balancing and interoperability with roaming partners. In the upcoming months we will start to improve our platform so that it charges the car when energy is cheapest, and feeds it back into the house when it's expensive, all while keeping the car sufficiently charged for everyday use.

    We expect you to contribute more than just being a developer. You will contribute to and influence infrastructure decisions and automation. Our vision is that DevOps should be embedded in the development team. The people who create the software are the best ones to run it..

    Role and responsibilities:

    • Develop back end functionality based on user stories and high-level ideas

    • Write server-side, well designed, testable & efficient code by using best software development practices

    • Develop and deploy high-performance, and highly-scalable systems

    • Create and maintain software documentation

    DevOps & testing

    • Analyze and improve efficiency, stability and scalability of system resources

    • Set up and own testing and build infrastructure


    • 6 months + of commercial experience in back end development

    • Experience working with object oriented programming, Java and Source Code Management systems

    • Some experience Web services (REST, SOAP, JSON)

    • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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