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    Junior and Mid-level full-stack devs for small informal software company at Black Cow Technology (Oxford, UK)
    Black Cow Technology Employer
    Oxford, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Oxford, UK

    Job Description:

    What we do

    We are a small software company in online gambling led by a techie CEO. Our product is "The Open Gaming Architecture" - a software platform built from the ground up as a gaming development kit. We are currently a technical team of five and we are small enough that everyone is empowered and we all get involved in all aspects of the software lifecycle. We are fans of elegantly architected, simple, scalable, open-source solutions and tools. Our CEO and our Head of Ops still write code.

    How we do it

    database: PostgreSQL
    main stack: Python, SQLAlchemy, Pyramid
    back-office: GraphQL, Node.js, React, Redux, Bootstrap
    tools: Git, Bitbucket, JIRA, Bamboo, Confluence, Slack
    glue: GNU/Linux, bash, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, AWS

    On one day per week we generally do non-project work which means optimisation or R&D work (under direction from the Head of Ops). We find this breaks the week up and also allows us to actually do the optimisation work which wouldn't normally get done. We also tend to work from home one day per week to keep everything fresh.

    What we're looking for

    We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic mid level developer to get stuck into building software. You will be a developer with an appreciation of the full stack even if your current experience is towards front-end or back-end. You will be competent with some of the skills from GraphQL, Python, Node.js, React, Redux, PostgreSQL.

    You will be the kind of person who says things like:

    • "leave it to me, I'll sort it",

    • "I've been thinking about the way we do this and I think we can improve it by...",

    • "I noticed there weren't many tests on this bit so I've added more",

    • "I'd like to do some work in that bit of the system because I don't know it so well".

    This is a real opportunity to make a big difference in a small technically-led company and to become a key expert as our product and company enters its next stage of growth. This role can grow into whatever you want it to grow into.

    What you would be doing

    Day-to-day you would be developing software in any of Python, ES6 and SQL right across the stack - anywhere you can handle. You would be submitting pull requests with Bitbucket, maintaining tasks with JIRA and updating docs in the code or in Confluence. Everyone is involved in our review cycle so you would be reviewing others' pull requests and involved in technical design discussions. If you want to get involved in configuring our builds and tests in Bamboo then you can.

    Skills & Requirements

    Must haves

    • 3+ years solid software development and design experience

    • Strong in at least one of ES6 or Python

    • Test-driven development

    • Relational database knowledge

    • Solid source-code management experience, preferably Git

    Should haves

    • Full-stack skills or good understanding of the full stack

    • RESTful APIs / HATEOAS

    • Solid Git knowledge and experience

    • Good relational database experience with SQL

    Great to haves

    • Redux / React

    • SQLAlchemy

    • PostgreSQL

    • GraphQL

    • Docker

    • Performance and scalability experience


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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