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    Javascript developer at Foleon (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    Foleon Employer
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    Do you want to work with the newest technology stack at an inspiring and flexible environment for an exciting scale up? This is it....!

    About us

    Foleon is an online creative platform for quickly producing sales and marketing collateral that’s visually immersive, measurable, and proven to keep readers engaged. It empowers organizations to replace all their PDFs and printed communication assets with responsive, media-rich web publications.

    Foleon is perfect for:

    Corporate brochures
    Product catalogs
    Interactive white papers
    Proposals and presentations
    Digital annual reports
    Customer magazines
    and much more…

    Job Purpose:

    You will be joining a scrum team that is focused on the Javascript and Node environment from our Drag & Drop editor. You will be the one that takes care for the core of our application. Making sure the architecture is top-notch and will make it is possible for the other teams to build features on this core framework. You master React & State Management and you are up-to-date with any new toolsets. Your drive is to continuously optimize the performance of the platform. You love to come up with solutions, pitch your ideas and collaborate with the rest of the team on how to improve.

    Key responsibilities:

    • Building a stable core platform

    • Signal new technologies which you can translate to our platform and your team

    • Motivating the team to finish the sprint

    • Educate yourself by going to conferences, studies and following techforms

    • Having a good understanding of our platform and stay in contact with the other scrum teams.

    • Have a good feeling by the future roadmap to make sure the code you write today will be future proof.

    Your profile:

    • Experience with Javascript

    • Experience with React, State Management

    • Familiarity with Node, Redux, Rxjs, Bundler tools

    • SaaSexperience is highly preferred

    • Proven track record in writing clean code

    • Effective communicationskills

    • A Strategic mind

    • Strong Result focus

    Go to to see the vacancy made within our tool and apply!!


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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