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    Java Engineer at Rock 7 (Whiteley, UK)
    Rock 7 Employer
    Whiteley, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Whiteley, UK

    Job Description:

    We're seeking a fast-learning, self-starting, pun-slinging, Java developer to join our small (but perfectly formed) development team.

    You should have five years+ experience developing Java web apps (Tomcat), be well-versed with all the the usual frameworks (e.g. Guava) and have solid grasp of Java 8.

    We need more hands-on-deck to effectively scale our systems to support our growing global customer-base; innovative products and services for new markets and opportunities.

    We're a small company, so we're light on process and naturally agile; however, we absolutely understand and value the importance of having a rock-solid, well-written code-base; so you’ll come pre-loaded with lots of good ideas!

    You should be able to work independently and as part of the dev team to maintain existing projects and develop new exciting products and services. You'll be guiding the implementation, so you should be abreast of new technologies / best practices.

    You should have excellent communication skills; don't worry, there's no requirement to give a TED
    talk - but you should be happy to effectively discuss technical concepts with the team.

    Personal requirements

    - Autonomous, self-motivated
    - Passion for learning/discovering new technology
    - Articulate communicator, with succinct verbal capabilities
    - Excellent problem solving "can-do" attitude
    - Sense of humour

    Technical requirements

    - 5+ Years Java web-app experience at small/medium sized company
    - Excellent computer science principles (Software, Internet, Networking)
    - Solid grasp of OOP, software architecture, design best practices/patterns
    - Ability to independently: design, develop, test and maintain webapps
    - Superb debugging and problem solving skills
    - Serverside Java (7/8) - Tomcat, Maven, Guava
    - Database Expertise (MySQL) - query optimisation, schema design
    - Effective source control usage (Git, GitHub)
    - Basic Linux administration (Debian)


    - Full-stack development
    - Modern Javascript and CSS (ES6, SASS, Google Maps, three.js, jQuery, Gulp)
    - Experience working on Geospatial applications
    - Mobile Apps (Android - Java, iOS - Objective-C)
    - Docker
    - AWS products/services
    - Python

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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