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    Java Developer who loves working with the latest technologies at Mortimer Spinks (Manchester, UK)
    Mortimer Spinks Employer
    Manchester, UK
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    Full Time
    Manchester, UK

    Job Description:

    As a Java Developer within Valtech you will be facing interesting questions about the implementation of large-scale software systems that need to handle daily challenges of scaling, resilience and performance.

    As a consultant you are expected to develop expertise both in technology and the means to communicate complex concepts and rationale to non-techies – this could be formal or informal, written or oral,  in a team around a whiteboard or as a presentation. We’ll encourage and support this with frequent opportunities to share ideas internally. We also have consultants frequently present at regional, national and global conferences.

    Being effective in software delivery isn’t only about the code, we’ll be looking to see good experience and awareness across many of the following areas:

    • Experience working in cross-functional teams using Scrum and/or Kanban

    • Experience in participating in workshops to identify and define user requirements

    • Experience in writing acceptance tests and understanding Behavior Driven Development principles

    • Experience of developing highly interactive websites and familiarity with the challenges involved

    • Experience of team development in integrated environments using managed source control systems such as Git

    • Possess a good understanding of different software architectures

    • Proven experience working in projects where Test Driven Development, pair programming and refactoring principles were applied

    • General awareness of SEO coding concepts; especially URL structure

    • Knowledge of Software/ Enterprise Design Patterns

    • Experience with development infrastructure and tools (revision control, bug tracking, wiki)

    On the tech side, we believe that good people can learn new things quickly, therefore all we ask is you have solid experience in Java Technologies as a minimum and you will then get the opportunity to work with:

    • JavaExposure to other JVM based languages such as Groovy or Scala web frameworks (E.g. Wicket, Play, Spring MVC)

    • Spring Framework

    • Experience in XML technologies (XML Schema, SAX, DOM)

    • Experience in creation of web services (SOAP, REST)

    • Exposure to other scripting languages such as Ruby or Python

    • DevOps - AWS and Azure

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
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