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    Java Developer - Ability to create your own mark on a foundational platform at American Express UK (Burgess Hill, UK)
    American Express UK Employer
    Burgess Hill, UK
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    Full Time
    Burgess Hill, UK

    Job Description:

    Who we are?

    The American Express Global Statements team is looking for Engineers and Senior Engineers with core Java knowledge and a strong drive for technical excellence based on the latest software platforms. The platform is embarking on a transformation to cloud based technology and looking to grow the team with experts who can build a truly global and innovative platform


    Currently 5 scrum teams of 6-12 with Product Owners working in a Scrum and Scaled Agile Framework environment, moving to a DevOps model. Teams are located Globally, with this team fully co-located in Sussex House.

    The challenge

    Global Statements is a critical company platform, and we are constantly making changes to the statements to support new products, legal changes, and driving to digital channels. We are at the early stages of a 2 year journey to migrate from the mainframe to the cloud, and looking to create a global cloud infrastructure that can support all our processing. The migration from legacy mainframe to the cloud needs to take place in parallel with the key business initiatives, and ensuring current legal SLA’s for delivery of statements are not impacted.

    Build a cloud based platform that can support the production of 1.5 million statements every day across the globe. Deliver the statements within all legal SLA’s and meeting the compliance regulations of every market.


    Java, Spring, SpringBatch, Kafka, Apigee, Dotnet, CSF Designer & Designer Web, nodejs, COBOL, Camel, docdb.


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