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    IoT Mobile App Developer at Sercomm (Nottingham, UK)
    Sercomm Employer
    Nottingham, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Nottingham, UK

    Job Description:

    We are looking for developers to create Android and iOS apps for use in the home.  The app technology is not yet finalised but depending on the skillset you bring.  We may opt for native apps or use one of the available cross-platform tools.

    Our Apps typically consume an MQTT API presented by our cloud services, router devices and gateways, and all of the services are designed and managed by us.  Our services run on a variety of hardware, from MIPS based gateways to ARM powered routers and EC2 servers.

    Our development offices are in Nottingham, and our headquarters are in Taipei (Taiwan).

    In principle we are open to discuss remote working providing the candidate can visit the office a few times a month.  In practice this would mean a candidate would need to be Midlands or at least England based.


    • Design and build easy to use applications for Android and iOS devices

    • Maintain some older Apps or propose way forward where maintenance has become cumbersome.

    • Maintain UI for some Android based In-home devices

    • Work with the API team to ensure future enhancements can be supported by the system

    Desirable Requirements

    • A demonstrable portfolio of Apps

    • Intimately familiar with Xcode and Android Studio

    • A good eye for design

    • Exposure to or at least interest in programming languages outside the usual Java/Swift/JS pool

    Applicant profile

    The successful applicant profile:

    • Self motivating and continuously learning new technologies

    • Developed Apps in many frameworks and can speak about the relative advantages and disadvantages.

    • Some experience or desire to gain experience with embedded OS’es such as openWRT and new languages such as Rust

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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