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    Ingénieur JAVA J2EE à la recherche de projets stratégiques en Finance at GLOBAL MARKET SOLUTIONS (Paris, France)
    Paris, France
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Paris, France

    Job Description:

    Belonging to the IT development team, you will be trained to the required technologies to design and deliver technical solutions fulfilling our client’s end user requirements.

    In collaboration with your team and in relation with the Clients, you will be involved in the different project phases: business analysis in relation to user requirements, development and QA of Software components and go-live cycle support.

    Internally you will be involved in capitalizing experiences and techniques (review latest technologies, team meetings, and project closing phases) and participate to the R&D programs mainly in the Risk Management area.

    You will be involved as well in the design and development core software solutions



    • Engineer schools (rang A et B)

    Required experience

    • A first successful experience of 1 year in the development, capital markets software integration domains.


    • Strong knowledge of market programming languages and in particular object oriented technologies Java, with a good programming experience.

    • Web technologies knowledge and services integration (SOA, XML) 

    • Analytical and business understanding (UML is a nice to have)

    • Basic database knowledge and SQL practice

    • Scripting language knowledge (perl, shell)

    • Operating System knowledge 

    • English language is a must have

    Soft skills

    • Comfortable in international environments

    • Enthusiastic and curious to integrate latest technologies

    • Rigorous in the methods and quality oriented

    • Communication and pedagogical skills for successful client relationship

    • Flexible and able to work in various environments with strong client contact   

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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