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    ICT Reporting and Database Developer at UNOPS (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    UNOPS Employer
    Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Job Description:

     Background information - ICT

    The UNOPS Information and Communication Technology (ICT) unit is focused innovation and harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions to UNOPS that truly address business needs.  

    Working with UNOPS ICT is a unique opportunity to deliver systems to users around the world - making an impact on development and solving practical problems for the UNOPS workforce and thereby help people build better lives and countries achieve peace and sustainable development.

    ICT’s goal is to provide greater effectiveness, efficiency and differentiation to UNOPS products and services. UNOPS ICT unit is responsible for architecting, designing, delivering, and managing all UNOPS ICT infrastructure and business applications. The unit includes Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts, Solutions Designers and Developers from all around the world who are based primarily in Denmark and Thailand.

     Functional Responsibilities

    Under the direct supervision of the Reporting team lead, the Reporting and Database developer will bolster the analytics functions across the business units, especially with dashboard reporting. You will be expected to create reports in BigQuery whilst also communicating with a variety of stakeholders to provide detailed specifications and requirement analysis. 

    Your role will include the following functions: 

    1. Analyzes UNOPS business processes and systems with a view to designing and developing fit for purpose reporting and analytics applications/functionality

    • Provides inputs and guidance on the transformation of data into more usable forms of information that can be used for reporting and analysis

    • Facilitates reviews of business requirements related to reporting and analytics in coordination with ICT Business Analysts

    • Translates business requirements related to reporting and analytics into technical specifications, analysing and evaluating possible solutions

    • Documents technical specifications for the consumption of the external suppliers / outsourced providers

    • Design report presentation and determine best way to deliver information to end-users

    2. Designs and implements reporting and analytics functionality within UNOPS business applications or within UNOPS reporting platform(s)

    • Implements reporting and analytics functionality through the the development of code artefacts by utilising views, stored procedures, and functions using Google BigQuery

    • Analyses, designs, coordinates and develops detailed technical specifications and translates them into solutions

    • Creates dashboards in Google Sheets / Data Studio to present data in a meaningful way across multiple cuts of data

    • Link UNOPS corporate data with other relevant external sources of data to support analytics and advanced data functions

    • Participates in design reviews of solutions with structured and unstructured data relating to data integration, data flow, data warehouse, and business intelligence

    • Ensures optimal performance, scalability, and usability of reporting and analytics applications / functionality by adhering to established and evolving architectural standards developed by the Enterprise Architecture and Platforms team

    • Analyzes existing databases and identify opportunities for data consolidation and design improvement

    • Ensures overall integrity, quality, accessibility and accuracy of information across business and reporting applications

    3. Performs technical review and testing of code for reporting and analytics applications / functionality

    • Reviews own and other team members / external developers code to ensure quality and adherence to coding standards and practices instituted within the team

    • Undertakes unit and other forms of technical testing of reporting applications / functionality, ensuring that reports work as intended and making sure the reports are optimized in terms of performance and usability. Suggests new approaches and/or tools that may be used to improve testing

    • Performs technical testing of existing and new reporting and analytics functionality and when upgrades / patches are applied

    • Assists the Testing and Quality Assurance team in troubleshooting anomalies, understanding impacts and identifying solutions to bugs or gaps in functionality

    • Adequately documents all work activities, including code specifications and test plans

    4. Embeds relevant knowledge management and innovation within the ICT Development function

    • Contributes ideas, concerns and suggested approaches during technical design sessions with other developers

    • Contributes to the specification of reporting and analytics applications, ensuring high graphical and UX standards are met and brand consistency is adhered to as specified by the Enterprise Architecture and Platforms team

    • Contributes through evidence-based opinions during UX design sessions with other developers and provides feedback to the Enterprise Architecture and Platforms team on established design standards

    • Stays up to date with emerging technologies and where appropriate, advocates for their consideration

    • Advocates for the development of new, innovative concepts that could be implemented in addition to or as a replacement for existing solutions

    • Contributes to IATI and Open Data forums with knowledge sharing on optimal data architecture and technologies / implementations most suitable for reporting

     Education/Experience/Language requirements


      • Master’s Degree, preferably in Computer Science, Information Technology and Information Systems or other relevant discipline is required.

      • A Bachelor’s degree in combination with additional two years of experience may be accepted in lieu of master’s degree.

      • Secondary education in combination with additional six years of experience may be accepted in lieu of a master's degree


    • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in reporting and analytics-related technologies (relational, document, and graph databases, data warehouses, ETL / ELT engines / platforms, data visualisation platforms) is required

    • Expert level ANSI SQL skills are required

    • Experience with Google BigQuery is required

    • Experience with Google Data Studio will be a distinct advantage

    • Experience with developing reporting and analytics applications / functionality within large and complex enterprise IT environments would be a distinct advantage

    • Experience with document and graph databases will be a distinct advantage

    Language requirements:

    • Full working knowledge of English is essential.

    • Knowledge of another official UNOPS language is an asset


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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