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    HTML/CSS Developer (100% Remote in UK, Germany or France) at PeopleDoc (Paris, France)
    PeopleDoc Employer
    Paris, France
    Job Type
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    Full Time
    Paris, France

    Job Description:

    We are in the process of rolling out new user interfaces across our solutions. To support this, we have spent the last 12-18 months building and validating a framework of components and design patterns.

    In this role, you will work closely with product owners, designers and other front-end developers to improve the framework in response to real world feedback and requirements.  You will also support our product teams in implementing the framework into our solutions.

    This position is exciting, challenging, and includes the opportunity to have an enormous impact on our solutions.

    The successful candidate will be required to:

    • Develop new components (HTML, CSS) in response to feedback/briefs from UX designers and product owners.

    • Improve, extend and refactor existing components (HTML, CSS) in line with design,  development and accessibility best practices

    • Improve the documentation and organisation of the framework

    • Review the code of your colleagues

    • Support developers who are integrating framework by:

    • being available to answer questions, pair program etc.

    • building html pages with the framework to act as specification for developers

    • if within your skillset, integrating new designs directly

    • Auditing built pages against our accessibility guidelines

    Competencies required:

    You will have:

    • The ability to write production grade HTML and CSS, including:

      • Knowledge of CSS methodologies (BEM, SMACSS etc.) and why they are important

      • Proficiency in CSS preprocessors (we use SASS)

      • Extensive understanding of accessibility best practices and how to apply them

    • Experience participating in and contributing to code review

    • A high attention to detail

    • English language skills. As a team we communicate in English, so it’s essential that you can express yourself in both written and spoken English.  French language skills are also a major advantage, given that the main office in located in Paris and most employees are French speakers.

    • Well developed time and task management skills

    It would be a bonus if you also have:

    • Visual / graphic design skills

    • Experience integrating HTML and CSS into web development frameworks. We use Django and Ember, so any experience with either framework is a big plus.

    Formal educational qualifications in computer science are viewed favourably, but not essential. More important is your proven capacity to solve problems and deliver excellent design outcomes.

    Skills required:


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