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    Helpdesk Support at (Shenzhen, China) Employer
    Shenzhen, China
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Shenzhen, China

    Job Description:

    Your Responsibilities

    As a colleague in Helpdesk Support, you will:

    • Attend to technical maintenance, resolving users' issues and computer troubleshooting – repairing or adjusting computers, laptops, keyboards, scanners, and other accessories;

    • Install and maintain the Lotus platform, and assist new users in using it;

    • Proactively monitor all systems/communications within a multi-location infrastructure;

    • Assist other coworkers and clients with specific issues relating to new installations, upgrades, maintenance, and misc. technical issues;

    • Document and enforce the corporate security policy;

    • Remotely troubleshoot connectivity issues;

    • Ensure the integrity and security of all networks and systems;

    • Monitor and maintain anti-virus systems, security updates, hotfixes, service packs, and patches;

    • Assist with semi-annual testing of our Disaster Recovery Plan.

    PLEASE NOTE: The above is a summary of the most common or significant duties performed. Other similar, relevant work should also be assumed to be included.

    The Skills We’re Looking For

    • The ability to work independently;

    • A good level of spoken English, in order to communicate remotely with people from many other countries;

    • Experience with the Lotus platform is a plus;

    • The ability to figure out solutions to technical problems that you may have never encountered before;

    • A working knowledge of scripting languages for server management would be a plus.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
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