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    Graduate Systems Engineer at IMC Trading (Chicago, IL)
    IMC Trading Employer
    Chicago, IL
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    Full Time
    Chicago, IL

    Job Description:

    Are you someone who is passionate about challenging the status quo?  Do you enjoy the process of problem solving, a process where you recognize areas of improvement and iterate and innovate to improve? Does your curiosity and desire to learn drive you?


    IMC is currently looking for a talented and passionate Trading Systems/DevOps Engineer to play a critical role in maintaining and perfecting our trading systems.  You will be part of highly motivated team, facing the daily challenge of managing a critical, high volume data flow in a complex trading environment distributed over a high speed data infrastructure.  In this role you will be exposed to many technical and trading challenges while ensuring high availability, stability and performance of the end-to-end environment. 

    The skills necessary to excel could range from system administration, network troubleshooting, database tuning, development, release management and performance engineering. This role provides daily challenges as no day is the same as the next.  The person in this role will have the opportunity to make considerable impact as part of a dedicated, dynamic global team.


    You will start your career at IMC with an international traineeship in at least two of our global offices after which you will be mentored by one of our seasoned Software Engineers. On a day to day basis you will work directly with traders, quants and other engineers to bring our trading strategies and platform to the next level. Your responsibilities will include running our trading systems, ensuring high performance and uptime, and rolling out plus verifying new features.  You will have continuous opportunities to learn new tools and technologies in our dynamic environment.  At IMC, we foster a supportive environment allowing you the freedom to contribute and assume real responsibility, even on day one.


    • BA/BSc/MA/MSc in Computer Science, Engineering, or Technology with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

    • Experience with Linux operating systems.

    • Interest in deploying, running and monitoring applications. Knowledge of Docker or other DevOps tools a plus!

    • Experience with Python and/or Bash scripting.

    • Experience or desire to utilize Big Data technologies.

    • DevOps focused mindset with a comprehensive view of technology environments

    • Broad experience across Mongo, MySQL, Java, networking, and Puppet is beneficial but not a prerequisite.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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