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    Graduate Software Engineer C++/Java real world development for IoT products at Red Embedded (Shipley, UK)
    Red Embedded Employer
    Shipley, UK
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    Full Time
    Shipley, UK

    Job Description:

    What we do

    Our embedded software engineers work with some of the biggest IoT and streaming TV businesses in the world. Our clients provide service to over 50 million paying subscribers worldwide, and the code they write drives the platforms that millions of people interact with every day of the year.

    We work across the full software stack, developing cutting edge next generation platforms for streaming TV and other Internet of Things products, incorporating modern features such as voice interaction and cloud-connected services. We also work hard to maintain older workhorse products (embedded Linux-based cable and satellite TV boxes), which provide the interesting challenges of integrating new features into complex legacy stacks, improving performance and stability and working within the constraints of limited memory and CPU power.

    The Graduate Engineer Role

    We hire bright, confident graduates with a strong technical education, excellent communication skills, a passion for technology and a desire to learn and develop through hands-on work.

    We don’t have a formal training programme – instead our graduates join real client-facing Scrum teams and deliver working code from the outset. You’ll work with your team lead and experienced colleagues to select tasks that will stretch your capabilities and allow you to learn on the job. Our clients use a range of technologies and programming languages – C++ and Java are common, but graduates are normally able to turn their hand to any language that they may be asked to use.

    Your line manager will act as a mentor and you will work together to plan your career development and access any training required.

    Where we work

    Our Shipley, West Yorkshire office is a few miles outside both Leeds and Bradford. It’s a great place to live and work. We’re located mid-way between the urban and the rural – if city living’s your thing, you could set up home just 20 minutes away by train in Leeds’ bustling city centre, or find somewhere quieter to live in one of the surrounding towns or villages.

    Close to work, there are great places to eat, drink (Yorkshire is awash with craft breweries, including Saltaire Brewery just around the corner from us), and relax, including the World Heritage Site of Saltaire a short walk away.

    Compared to much of the country, rents are affordable and your competitive salary will go a long way.

    About the team

    As a consulting business, our team is our product, and you’ll be working with a great bunch of colleagues. We have a flexible approach to work - you can set your own working patterns that fit with the needs of your team and client, and while the role is predominantly office-based, occasional remote working is normally possible.

    We have a friendly, small-company approach, meaning no big HR or IT departments to contend with. You’ll work closely with your line manager and project lead and they will ensure that you have access to all the tools and training you need to do your job effectively and develop your career in the direction that’s right for you.

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