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    Graduate Software Developer at Traka (Olney, UK)
    Traka Employer
    Olney, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Olney, UK

    Job Description:

    Graduate Software Developer, Software Operations Team, R&D

    Want to do work that improves people’s everyday lives and desire interesting Problem Spaces? We'd like to hear from you!

    We are always looking for talented, passionate people who are curious and eager to do the best work of their lives at an innovative forward-thinking company. We offer a fun, supportive, collaborative workplace.

    From the futuristic Traka21 product you can buy online, through to Enterprise solutions for the world’s biggest companies you interact with daily, at Traka you are a part in making a difference to everyday lives.

    Whether when you buy a new car or take it to be serviced, are hurt and go to A&E, do your grocery shop, buy your wedding gifts, stay at a hotel, go to a theme park, need emergency services, or even when you drink water from your tap, there are Traka solutions deployed around the world powering these and more.

    We are also part of ASSA ABLOY, a 45 billion SEK organisation, including Yale & HID, belonging to the Global Solutions division who offer a range of On-Premise and Cloud solutions for the world around you.

    Our solutions and culture incorporate everyone's perspectives, so we never discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital, or disability status.

    Where you will fit within the business:

    You will be joining the Software Operations team that collaborates with the Software Development team. We have a culture of freedom, leadership, innovation, self-discipline and follow DevOps principles. We are part of the R&D department where Mechanical, Electronics & Software are designed and made in-house.

    What your purpose will be:

    You will join as a Junior Software Developer on a learning path to be non-Junior within two years and transfer into the Software Development team. You will work with engineers, developers and architects to unleash the potential across teams and gain knowledge in how to deliver integrated Enterprise solutions.

    Some interesting facts and cultural norms for the team you will join:

    We like to have fun as we go about our work! We openly engage with global teams and always think of the overall good when solving a problem. We strive to continually learn new things together and on our own.

    We trust, support, and treat each other with dignity and respect. It’s okay not to know the right answer and to admit it, as the team together can find the answer. We challenge ourselves often, fail fast, learn & adjust.

    Most Friday lunchtimes we have a meal in a local Olney country Pub with a mix of people from other teams.

    We are happy to tinker with electronics whether at work or at home and three of us have our birthday on the same day & month (but not year) so lots of cakes get eaten on that day!

    More about you:

    You like having a high degree of autonomy, you learn rapidly and eagerly, you are self-motivating and flexible; you do not wait to be told what to do and never feel "that's not my job". Reprioritisation is not a problem and you challenge yourself to work outside of your comfort zone.

    You are a team player, you like helping others and you are always ready to both help and ask for help when needed. You share information and knowledge openly and proactively.

    You enjoy being able to get under the skin of what our products are and how they work and readily want to identify the value for the team’s internal and external customers.

    You have an open mind towards a choice of technologies – not a hard preference that may block learning.

    What abilities we would like you to have on your first day:

    • Graduate of a Computer Science Degree

    • Demonstrable problem solving skills

    • Can develop programs using.NET Full/Core, from University, placement or personal experience

    And for those looking to impress (or brownie points???):

    • Experience with Python or other relevant scripting languages

    • Demonstrable projects e.g. mobile app, game, web application etc.

    Some of the recent technologies we’re using within the team:

    • .NET Full & Core (C#), Python, JS/TypeScript, REST API’s

    • AWS/Azure, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, Windows/Linux, Windows CE/Win10 IoT

    • Docker, Octopus Deploy, RabbitMQ, Splunk, SQL Server Windows & Linux, Azure SQL

    Your mission should you choose to accept it:

    • Learn and practise SOLID development principles along with JIRA, Git and development processes

    • Understand how to design and deliver Enterprise distributed solutions with integration

    • Deliver tools and internal products to increase product serviceability and Customer Success

    • Secondment to an international Traka or ASSA ABLOY division as part of our Graduate programme

    • Work in collaboration across R&D on automation and continuous improvement

    • Contribute your technical knowledge through Pre Product Innovation to help shape our solutions

    • Provide programming assistance to the Operations Engineers for escalated product faults, maintenance of legacy products and advanced professional services for our global teams

    More about us:

    Originally the manufacturer of one of the world's first electronic key management systems in 1990, Traka are now world leaders in innovative technology for sophisticated, intelligent key and asset management solutions. Traka became part of ASSA ABLOY in April 2012, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of door opening solutions, meeting tough end-user demands for safety, security and convenience.


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