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    Graduate Software Developer 2019 - get to learn new technologies at FINBOURNE Technology (London, UK)
    FINBOURNE Technology Employer
    London, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    Location: Shoreditch, London, UK 

    Salary: £40,000

    What does the Graduate Software Developer role at FINBOURNE Technology entail?

    FINBOURNE Technology recruits all year round for graduates to join our team and become an integral part of a growing business.

    As a graduate software developer, you will be given training and support so that you can help build our LUSID platform. You will be involved with developing external client interfaces, business logic, server-side code, managing scaling challenges, enhancing quality with testing and automating everything that can be automated!

    We want to give you exposure to all areas of what we do which means, from the start, you can get involved in:

    • Evolving our APIs so they’re both powerful and easy to use.

    • Implementing business logic while learning more about finance.

    • Learning about and working on important parts of the system early on.

    • Building scalable and robust distributed systems which can support big data, with consistently fast response times that are upgraded multiple times per day.

    • Ability to deploy to production from day one.

    • Learning about and working within the security and privacy constraints of the finance industry.

    • Helping us nurture and progress so that as we scale it remains an enjoyable, supportive and interesting place to work.

    • Give opinions on our marketing and commercial plans, which we share openly.

    • Help us ensure everything we do is robust by writing tests for everything: From application, to infrastructure, to non-technical processes.

    • Help us come up with innovative ways to monitor and measure our platform, so we can continually improve our customers’ experience and support them when things go wrong.

    • Investigate cutting edge technologies and evaluate whether they would benefit us.

    • Helping develop newer team members.

    The key technologies which you will have the opportunity to learn are C# (.NET Core on Linux), Python, Go, PostgreSQL, AWS, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Angular… and that’s just right now!

    How we will support you:

    • You will be joining our existing graduates and working alongside highly experienced developers who will provide in-depth training for you on the job. These are people who have spent their careers at some of the most prestigious financial technology institutions and are eager to pass on their experience.

    • During your first two weeks with us, you will attend sessions on finance and related technology such as “Introduction to Investments and Asset Management” and “Functional programming style at FINBOURNE” given by our industry experts.

    • During your first three months with us, you and your manager will form a development plan to document your training and induction so that you have clear objectives and are provided with support in areas that you require it the most.

    • We run weekly sessions such as “Code Craft” (discussion of our engineering principles) and the “Finance Q&A” (past sessions have included “Inflation instruments and trading” and “Indexes, exchange traded funds, and benchmarks”). Anyone is welcome to join or present and it is a great opportunity for non-Finance focused employees to learn more about the industry.

    • You will have regular 1-1 meetings with your manager and receive regular feedback from them.

    • You will be assigned a mentor who will work closely with you to help learn the skills required to develop the highest quality software, because you will be soon working on important parts of our system.

    • Regular morning “stand up” meetings with your team will allow you to quickly understand what your colleagues are working on, to share your accomplishments and if needed, to request help. You are welcome to join stand ups in other teams to understand what they are working on.

    • Monthly company-wide meetings where you will receive regular updates and insight into our business strategy. This also gives employees the opportunity to ask questions.

    • Everyone at the business is happy to answer any questions you have, and to help you really understand the answer.

    What we’re looking for: 

    We are looking for graduates who are genuinely passionate and curious in their approach to learning and those who are driven to solve problems and apply critical thinking to their work.

    As important as your technical skills are, we are also looking for candidates who display strong communication skills and who feel comfortable working in an informal, agile environment. We want people to join who are genuinely excited about our technology and have the capability and willingness to grow and learn from their colleagues.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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