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    Fullstack Software Engineer at Nozomi Networks (Mendrisio, Switzerland)
    Nozomi Networks Employer
    Mendrisio, Switzerland
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Mendrisio, Switzerland

    Job Description:

    We are looking for a full-stack engineer, that will be part of the team developing SCADAguardian. As part of the team, you will have the opportunity to develop ground-breaking technology for Industrial Cybersecurity -- where Deep Packet Inspection and Artificial Intelligence are used together with Agile Methodologies to build our groundbreaking technology. As a full-stack engineer, you will be able to actively contribute to all the aspects of the product, from the lower level C++ DPI components to the higher level AngularJS web application. Experience with Agile Methodologies, automated testing and networking environment are a requirement for this position. 

    Skills & Requirements

    - Languages: C++, Ruby, Javascript (AngularJS)

    - Automated Testing experience (TDD, BDD, etc)

    - Field experience with Agile Methodologies

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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