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    Fullstack Developer C#, Angular at Criteo (Paris, France)
    Criteo Employer
    Paris, France
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Paris, France

    Job Description:

    The Software Engineering team builds the products that make Criteo tick: from developing industry leading machine learning techniques, to building high scale/low latency real-time applications (over 5M qps, handling over 300 Bn HTTP requests daily), to delivering first class client interfaces, both API and UI, with forward-thinking UX at their core, all using state of the art technology.

    What you'll do

    Creator applications generate and serve banners of different formats, from dynamically optimized HTML markup to real-time image and video rendering. With billions of displays served per day, these applications need to be designed with scalability and extensibility in mind. 

    Depending on the cases, Creator applications make use of Recommendation services to retrieve the recommended products, then perform dynamic content optimization (DCO). We also provide tooling to configure or upload the creatives.  Dedicated tooling is provided for each product delivered by the creative team, to allow designers producing contents for our thousands of clients.

    As a full-stack engineer working on these applications you will:  

    • Deploy user-facing services to produce dynamic contents in real-time; 

    • Build web apps to designers and expose APIs for self-service integrations; 

    • Support new products by designing pipelines that span across Criteo services; 

    • Ensure uniform level of quality on mobile devices.

    Who you are

    • You work in a C# .NET (framework + core), TypeScript and Angular environment. 

    • You're comfortable with designing both rich front-end applications and high-performance backend code.

    • You're open to get your ideas challenged by your team of skilled engineers, as well as challenging theirs.

    • You're ready to adapt to an agile and fast-moving environment.

    • You're ready to adapt to an agile and fast-moving environment.


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