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    Full stack software engineer - Digital transformation projects at Motability Operations (Bristol, UK)
    Motability Operations Employer
    Bristol, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Bristol, UK

    Job Description:

    We are looking for enthusiastic full stack software engineers to help grow our team. The team is involved in an unprecedented range of projects that touch almost all areas of our business. There are exciting opportunities to join one of our key agile product teams.

    Engineers are involved in the whole software delivery process, collaborating closely with business stakeholders and specialists along the way, to deliver fantastic software for our business and our customers. Our product teams practice a "build it, run it" ethos so we try to build operability into every piece of work we do. Our teams are supportive and empathetic and highly cross-functional

    Our current tech stack:

    • React / Node micro frontends

    • Java with Spring Boot microservices

    • PostgreSQL is our preferred database

    • We use ActiveMQ for "traditional" messaging, but have recently started to use Kafka

    • We have automated CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins

    • We use the Red Hat OpenShift (Kubernetes) platform, hosted on AWS

    • We also take advantage of AWS cloud products where we can e.g. RDS, ElasticCache, S3

    • Some teams are releasing multiple times a day, others are a little slower and would love some help to get there

    • Everything As Code!

    You don't necessarily need experience in this entire stack, just an aptitude & passion for building great software and a huge willingness to learn.

    We sell over 250,000 cars a year at the end of their lease, with a value of £2.4 billion.  We need to replace the systems that manage this.  We have started recently and are in the process of setting up several new Product teams to build & craft great software.  If you aren't reaching your full potential where you are, why not come and see if you would like to join us, to do just that?!

    Go on - contact us!

    All applications will be reviewed by the software engineering team leads directly, and will endeavor to reply back to all applicants within 24 hours (slightly longer if over a weekend!) with next steps.  If you have any questions about the role or anything else before applying, please also get it touch.  We like to keep our interview process as short and streamlined as possible..... we typically start with a short phone (or Zoom) call, we would then look to arrange a face to face interview in our offices, and that's it!  We would then hope to offer you a job in our team!  

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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