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    Full Stack JEE Engineer at ONTEC AG (Wien, Austria)
    ONTEC AG Employer
    Wien, Austria
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    Full Time
    Wien, Austria

    Job Description:

    As a full-stack JEE Expert for one of our exciting and technologically challenging software projects, your focus is on creating a highly scalable, database-independent JEE application with Wildfly in conjunction with an Oracle Database. You will work as part of a SCRUM Team, depending on your experiences also filling in the role of an architect within this team.

    As a technology-driven company, we attach great importance to our employees constantly evolving and engaging in new technologies and practices. In-depth knowledge of existing technologies, especially in the area of JEE, cloud and Internet technologies as well as best practices in terms of source control, code reviews, daily builds or automated deployments is a basic requirement. Lean / agile development and a holistic DevOps approach are the basis of our actions.

    Most importantly, you will be able to program clean, stable, and efficient code, and thus make a valuable contribution to software projects.


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