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    Full Stack Engineer - TypeScript, React, Node.JS, Postgres at Synthace Ltd. (London, UK)
    Synthace Ltd. Employer
    London, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    Fullstack Developer / Engineer

    We're looking for capable and curious Full Stack Engineers who are looking to make an immediate impact by helping us to continue developing and scaling Antha - our groundbreaking platform that speeds up scientific research by applying automated workflows and controlling lab robots!

    Antha is effectively a visual IDE for scientists to design biological experiments, run simulations, and control automated robotic lab equipment such as liquid handling machines.

    We're looking for new people to help us complete our pivot from legacy web tech to TypeScript, React, and GraphQL. If you're ready to get familiar with the Hooks API, even better.

    You'll be working within a tight-knit, friendly and collaborative development team on exciting projects with plenty of technical challenges to own and solve.

    Our experienced Full Stack / Front End team are committed to coding in a scalable and readable way, while also deleting dead code on a regular basis as we refactor our remaining legacy codebase!

    You'll be in the team building tools that will be used by many others as we grow. We need people who know the common pitfalls and who can think both as a user and as an API consumer.

    The Project:
    Named by the World Economic Forum as one of the world's 30 Technology Pioneers 2016, Synthace is re-imagining how we work with biology, exponentially improving the speed and quality of the final results.

    This is made possible through our revolutionary cloud based platform for designing biological experiments, simulating them, translating instructions for automated lab equipment, and visualising complex data sets from the results. All of this is done by 'Antha', which is already impacting how scientists work with biology in major companies like Dow, Merck and GSK.

    What you'll be doing:

    • We've got a complex application. We automate laboratories. We visualise complex things like multivariate experiments. Your code will have a massive impact on the success of Antha.

    • You'll always need to be thinking about changes not just from your TS or JS, but from the full request cycle. Does that server API suck? Let's fix it. Should we pre-compute that on the server? Dope, let's do it. If you're scared of "backend" code, think twice. If you are a proper "full-stacker", let’s talk!

    About you:

    • It would be great if you have solid knowledge of at least 1-2 of: TypeScript, React, Node.js, Postgres (JavaScript will also be considered)

    • You think holistically about building quality software, without arbitrary distinction between FE/BE teams

    • You enjoy delivering high quality software and can work to a tight schedule when required

    • Excellent communication skills are also a must - we move fast but we talk to each other to make sure we don't break things

    • You enjoy working in collaborative teams and sharing knowledge - there are no lone wolves here!

    Bonus points for:

    • Experience with GraphQL

    • An interest in learning Hooks API

    • An appreciation for "strong typing" and writing testable UIs

    • Experience shipping complex front-end-heavy applications in the past

    • An"incremental refactor" approach to legacy code

    Why work at Synthace:

    • Work with genuinely extraordinary people

    • Open, collaborative, and friendly culture

    • Challenging, groundbreaking and exciting work

    • Chance to be a part of the 'fourth industrial revolution', helping us to create tools and systems that allow scientists to do things like cure Cancer faster!


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