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    Full Stack Developer at Nurole Ltd (London, UK)
    Nurole Ltd Employer
    London, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    Nurole's product team is currently going through an exciting phase of growth as the company transitions from start-up to scale-up. We are looking to drive the Nurole mission forward by growing from an existing rapid-prototyping team to a more mature product development capability.

    As such, we're looking to expand our current DevOps capability by hiring two full stack developers. These individuals will be responsible for developing new features to the front & back end of the website. This is a great opportunity for talented developers to join a small existing team and make a real difference not only by delivering new features, but also by defining and implementing best practice across the team.

    Key Responsibilities

    The Full Stack Developer will be responsible for: 

    • Working with the product team to find the right technical solution to business problems

    • Enabling prioritisation by breaking these solutions into tasks & estimating their rough sizes

    • Working across the full stack (database through API / website to javascript) to deliver these tasks, along with unit and integration tests as appropriate

    • Continuously analysing and evaluating the current codebase in order to suggest improvements & refactoring to deliver these

    • Supporting the QA process to deliver regular stable releases

    • Participating in regular retrospectives to help improve the efficiency of the team

    The Profile

    The Full Stack Developer will have the following attributes:

    • A solid foundation in multiple technologies

    • Writes clear, concise code

    • Believes testing is by no means an afterthought

    • Loves solving problems

    • Can plan a development project and execute against that plan

    • Has a passion for continuous improvement - loves learning and sharing that knowledge

    • Gets excited about rapid iteration and understands the importance of a short feedback loop

    • Strong communication skills and ability to build relationships with stakeholders at all levels of the business

    • You will have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a developer role (although those with more experience are also encouraged to apply)

    The required skills and experience for the Full Stack Developer are:

    • Front end - familiar with at least one javascript framework (e.g. backbone / angular / react) as well as structured CSS (Sass / Less) and semantic HTML

    • Back end - developing web-based back ends (either websites, APIs or both) using object orientated code, ideally in a modular fashion

    • Database experience - either SQL or NoSQL

    • Some experience of TDD and agile development methodologies

    • Some experience of cloud-based DevOps is desirable, as is any overlap with our current tech stack

     Current tech stack:

    • Bootstrap / Sass / Backbone (marionette)

    • Ruby (Rails & Sinatra) / MongoDB / AWS


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