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    Full-Stack Developer at Futurice (London, UK)
    Futurice Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    As a Full-Stack Developer at Futurice, you will help the world's leading businesses develop compelling and well-thought out digital solutions while working together with a team of the most skilled people in tech, design and business you're likely to find.

    Whether it’s JavaScript frameworks, REST APIs, NoSQL databases or DevOps - web is your thing! To you, a browser is not just a rendering tool, it’s your medium of choice. You can position yourself in front-end, back-end or somewhere in between, and you have the proven ability to implement complex, multi-layered services with high-quality front-end and back-end code. It's not just about getting the data to flow from the database to the user's screen, it's about getting to know the technologies, understanding the layers and finally delivering code to production.

    All Futurice team members need to be ambitious self-starters and have a desire to be part of a workplace with a lean, flat structure, built on a foundation of Nordic straightforwardness. Individuals are constantly given opportunities to learn and grow in collaboration with wonderfully nice and extremely talented people. Mutual respect at Futurice is an essential condition, as is passion, talent and energy.


    • Interest or experience in UI/UX design

    • Cloud computing expert

    • DevOps expert

    • Agile experience, perhaps even as a Scrum Master

    • Experience in creating solution proposals for clients

    • Willingness to learn and work on a completely different platform (e.g. mobile) when the opportunity arises

    • Experience with IoT devices and services

    • Desire and skills to coach and mentor other developers

    • Open-source contributor

    One or two Nice-to-haves would be excellent. Three would blow our minds. Four may bring us to tears. Your superpower not on the list? Surprise and convince us!

    We’re all about trying new things. Drive what you are passionate about. Fail interestingly, succeed spectacularly. These are the sort of things we’ll give you a lot of leeway to do. Above all, developers need to share an excitement about innovative and beautifully crafted digital experiences that have a positive impact on people’s lives and deliver real value.

    Take a look at what we do and what we've done and get in touch. Don’t just tell us where you have worked or studied, tell us who you are, where you are heading and what you can bring to the Futurice team. Describe what you already know and what you want to learn next.

    What we offer you is a great workplace with awesome colleagues, interesting projects with the possibility of working at Futurice offices abroad for shorter or longer stints, excellent tools and benefits, a social responsibility program to take pride in, and great possibilities for continuous learning and professional growth. We are proud of our culture – we’ve been selected as the best place to work in Europe not once but twice.

    Not a morning person? Need to pick up the kids? We believe in well-rested people doing concentrated and impactful work. Therefore we have flexible working hours and trust in our employees from Day 1.

    If you see yourself in the description above and would like to work with some of the all round nicest and most talented people in the industry, we would love talk!

    Please send a few lines about yourself using the form on our site, or feel free to send us a message and let's chat.

    NOTE: We are currently not able to offer visa sponsorships for the UK, so unfortunately we can not take applications from outside the EU forward. However, do by all means take a look at our positions in the Helsinki HQ!


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