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    Frontend Developer interested in React, Vue or Svelte at 5 Monkeys Agency AB (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 Monkeys Agency AB Employer
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Job Description:

    Come join us building advanced frontends for some of Swedens largest digital service providers and e-commerce sites. We like working with a modern set of development tools, focusing on building blocks and processes that helps us deliver high quality products.

    We use Github to collaborate on projects and aim to always have a high test coverage and well written code. Before any piece of code is deployed in production it will usually have to pass peer review and Continous Integration.

    Does this sound like an environment you would enjoy working in? Please reach us at [email protected].

    From our offices in Stockholm (Slussen) and Gothenburg (near Götaplatsen) we build large scale digital services for our clients. Keeping all development in-house enables us to keep delivering with high levels of quality as well as deep technical knowledge. It also lets us learn from each other.

    We actively contribute to multiple Open Source projects and encourage all our employees to do the same. Open Source Software is an integral part of our culture and a large factor in our ability to deliver business value to our clients. You will find some of our projects on GitHub:

    For more than a decade we have been helping startups and enterprises alike realizing their ideas by utilizing a mix of digital strategy, software development and Open Source Software.

    Who are we looking for?

    You love JavaScript, and have a deep knowledge of its strengths and pitfalls. You have probably worked with a Component Based Framework (such as React, Vue or Svelte) and you have written statically typed JavaScript (for example with Flow or TypeScript). You have experience with setting up developer environments with tools like Webpack, Gulp or Yarn. If you don't tick all these boxes, don't hesitate to reach out anyway, we will always appreciate curiousity and the ability to learn.

    Some other technologies you will probably be working with on 5 Monkeys:

    • GraphQL

    • Babel

    • SCSS

    • Autoprefixer

    • ESLint

    • stylelint

    • Prettier

    We are looking for skilled frontend developers with deep JavaScript knowledge for our frontend team. Does this sound like you? Please write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly!


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