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    Frontend Developer: AI marketing video platform at OpsTalent (Wrocaw, Poland)
    OpsTalent Employer
    Wrocaw, Poland
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    Wrocaw, Poland

    Job Description:

    Are machines already better than people at communicating with humans?

    Communication needs to be tailored and for that, you need to know your audience. There is no point in speaking in English with someone who doesn't understand it, right?

    The same principle applies to an advertisement. We are on a mission to combine storytelling with data and AI to improve communication between companies and their target audience. We do that by getting to know the end customer through the larges amounts of data and delivering bespoke video content that they actually want to see.

    The result? Engagement and ROI shooting through the roof.

    As the platform expands we are growing the team here in Wroclaw with a new frontend developer, working in partnership with the existent team based in London.

    A few reasons why we think you will enjoy this role:

    • The product has a real impact on companies' and people's lives

    • Chance to work with top-notch technologies and to cooperate with some of the best specialists in Europe

    • The platform is currently used by market leaders from the gaming, beverages and jewelry sectors - and more

    • Opstalent is a family company with a startup environment. Cliche, but true. We encourage flexibility and trust among the members of our teams

    Wanna help us build something great together?


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