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    Front End Software Developer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York, NY)
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Employer
    New York, NY
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    Full Time
    New York, NY

    Job Description:

    Do you want to join an innovative team and contribute to cancer research? Are you creative and interested in solving meaningful problems? Then join us here at MSK, where we can provide you with the opportunity to make a difference with your career in IT. We believe this is a great role for someone who has the right background to be apart of our dynamic team and who wants to apply their skills to support our mission here.

    Our Computational Pathology team leverages large-scale machine learning on a high performance compute infrastructure to transform pathology from a qualitative to quantitative science. We develop web applications which are used by medical doctors and researchers in the clinic. Do you want to work in an exciting interdisciplinary environment with the potential to directly impact medical research, cancer care and patients lives?

    This is a research and development position involving the development and support of biomedical applications and software tools for research and clinical purposes.

    The Front-End Software Engineer will assist in the design, implementation and maintenance of software tools that use computational pathology and machine learning methods, access in-house and external databases, and integrate and display data on the fly.

    You Will:

    • Work and collaborate with a diverse team of machine learning experts, software engineers and medical doctors to build a new generation of artificial intelligence in cancer detection and treatment.

    • Create software and algorithms that enable discoveries in medicine and evaluation of biological variation in disease, including cancer.

    • Develop software linking databases.

    • Plan and implement the integration of new software tools into existing resources.

    • Be responsible for frontend design, coding, testing, debugging and the documentation of software systems.

    • Build original software programs using advanced programming and mathematical tools, such as: C#, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and Visual Studio

    • Provide consultation and guidance to research scientists, as well as other bioinformatics and software engineers at the Institution.

    Required Skills:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Bioinformatics or related field.

    • 2-4 years of experience as a Software Engineer or a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Bioinformatics or related field.

    • Experience in Web-GUI development and GUI design.

    • Familiarity with advance development tools such as GIT, Jira and Visual Studio.

    • Ability to develop original software programming using advanced programming languages such as Java Script, HTML5, CSS and C#

    • Track usage and bug reports in practice with the aim of improving utility.

    • Experience with the development of biomedical applications and/or Web-GUI development and GUI design.

    • Experience in building and testing complex systems.

    • Ability to:

    • Communicate with experts in computer science and medicine.

    • Take responsibility over products and work independently towards their completion.

    • Measure progress and report results.

    • Document code requirements, systems arch and data flows.

    • Train medical doctors and personnel on software products.

    Desired Skills:

    • Interest in building novel medical software applications in collaboration with medical partners.

    • Interest in machine learning & deep learning and their application in medicine.

    • Maintains and improves professional growth and development through participation in scientific and technical discussions, workshops, and seminars to keep current with developments in web technology and computational tools.

    Skills required:


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