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    Front-End-Gosu at GmbH (München, Deutschland) GmbH Employer
    München, Deutschland
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    Full Time
    München, Deutschland

    Job Description:

    Job Description

    You will support our team in the front-end development of engaging b2b applications. You will have the opportunity to use the latest technologies and tools. At REPPA.NET you also have the chance to use your conceptual and ux skills and to work interdisciplinary. Everybody is invited to bring their experiences into the company and into our projects.

    Meetings & Workflow 

    • Jour Fixe: On Monday 10:00am we start with a Jour Fixe, discussing all upcoming tasks for the upcoming week. We also schedule necessary alignment meetings

    • Daily Standup: We start every day with a 10 to 15 minute daily standup meeting to plan the upcoming todos and close the tasks of the day before. 

    • Retrospective Meetings: Once every 2 weeks, we meet for a 90 minute team retrospective addressing all technical and non-technical issues that are currently in effect.

    • Workflow: Developers like quiet work environments with minimum interruptions. So do we! 

    • Communication & Feedback:
      We are feedback enthusiasts and believe it is essential to a teams culture. We also believe, that communication is a key skill for software development. But at the end having a lot of fun together is the basis for everything we do.    

    Skills & Requirements

    You have a profound knowledge of Javascript and CSS and have experience with at least one Javascript framework like Angular, Ember.js, React or Vue.js. You have a high quality demand on the result of your work and furthermore you are interested in satisfied users. Experience with mobile development is a must as well as an agile mindset.

    About Us

    REPPA.NET develops high-end B2B applications and mobile apps with the highest UX and technology requirements. We offer you a professional working environment with agile development methods and a highly professional and motivated team and a management with a technical background. With the top equipment at your workplace, you have the possibility to use the most innovative technologies and tools for the realization of your tasks. In return we offer you honest feedback and pay you according to your performance. You also have the choice between 24, 32 or 40 hours worktime per week.


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